Are You using an Anchor or a Sail?

Anchors and Sails; One of them moves you forward and the other one stops you in your tracks. I’ve used this analogy during several crossroads in my personal and entrepreneurial life.

Each time I’ve come upon a challenge that has left me to consider which way to turn, I’ve thought about what is moving me forward or has stopped my progress. The analogy is meant to simplify events that get unreasonably complicated in our mind’s eye.

Your life holds many anchors that are never fully visible until you’ve become dependent upon them for success. Maybe you’ve experienced it more than once in your life. When you feel like a weight is on your shoulders, more than likely it’s an anchor chained to your feet!

Even a career choice can be resolved this way. If your current employment is weighing you down, then maybe it’s time to find solutions on how to hoist that anchor. Keep in mind that while the anchor is on its way to the surface the sails can still be unfurled. It’s just a matter of time before you’re running at full speed towards your independent goal.

Have you discovered a passion for coaching or consulting during your sailing? Just be wary of the rocks below. I’ve witnessed several coaches and consultants who start out online trying to run full sail with their anchor still firmly planted in the mud below. It doesn’t take long to discover how to get more coaching clients online, but it will slow you down if you don’t prepare yourself mentally for the process.

The take-away here is to find out where your anchors and sails are in your life. Then work like mad to lift the dead-weight and move forward.

How do you take care of roadblocks in your career? I want to know your methods of taking care of business. I have several detailed ways to do this that I’ll share with you when I release my free training course.

  • http://raulcolon.net Raul Colon


    Interesting post with great analogies. I think many people need to realize that on some ocassions they keep an anchor but want those sails to take them elsewhere.

    I will be using this example great post!

  • http://www.jimedward.com Jim Edward

    Thanks Paul,
    The anchor is analogous to the inner-game when it comes down to it. It’s deep in the water, and most people aren’t aware that it’s there. People subconsciously find reasons that they can’t make it as a coach or consultant and combine it with internet marketing best practices to produce results. Once you remove the anchor, small, effective results begin to appear when the sails are opened.